Roof A/C Service | $129 each unit
Clean evaporator and condenser coils. Clean and unclog drains. Check for air leaks. Check compressor amperage draw. Inspect motor fans and mounting bolts and seals. Clean filters. Test complete operation of system.

Furnace Service | $149 each
Clean main burner orifice and combustion chamber. Clean and adjust electrode assembly, and air flow. Test module board and clean contacts. Inspect motor, squirrel cage, and exhaust wheel.

Refrigerator Service | $99
Check voltage. Clean and adjust burner and orifice. Clean roof vent and check baffle. Inspect all seals. Check operation of refer fans.

Water Heater Service | $99
Flush water tank. Check condition of anode rod (Suburban only). Clean and adjust burner assembly and electrodes. Test complete operation of system.

Battery Service | $25 per battery
Clean all terminals and connections. Check and fill battery cells. This includes both coach and chassis batteries.

Propane Service | $99
Inspect regulators and LP tanks and all hoses. Complete line pressure test. Check for any propane leaks. Check operation of all LP detectors.

Water System Service | $89
Pressurize water lines. Check operation of water pump. Check all fixtures and lines, and tighten where needed.

Wheel Bearings Packed | $169 first axle $129 ea. add. axle
Dismantle, clean and inspect all components of the hub. Check for any damage of the bearings. Check brake assembly. Repack and reassembly with new seals. This service is recommended annually to prevent bearing and brake failure. Parts not included.

Roof Maintenance | $350 plus supplies
This is a 2 step process. Clean the roof with cleaning agents specially designed for RV roofs. Apply UV-blocking treatment to prevent deterioration from the sun. Inspect all seals on end caps, vents, skylights, and other fixtures on roof.

Winterizing Service | $129
Make sure to winterize your RV before storing it, so there are no surprises come spring time.

De-Winterizing Service | $50
(No charge if we did the original Winterizing). After being stored, make sure your system is cleaned of antifreeze, and checked for leaks.

Sanitize Fresh Water Tank | $59 RV Orientation
Whether you are new to RV'ing, or your RV is new to you, we can help you understand and learn to operate all of the RV systems. We want your RV experience to be enjoyable, not frustrating! Call for your appointment today.

Service Call
For those who live in their RV and are unable to bring it to the shop, we do provide mobile service in the El Paso and surrouding areas. This is a one time charge for each work order, no matter how many complaints are involved.