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Double T RV Service Inc. has been serving RV owners for over 12 years. Our shop is located near the Casino & Racetrack in Sunland Park, NM. We also provide mobile service for our customers who are living in their RV’s.

We specialize in all the comfort systems of the RV…appliances, plumbing, electrical, hydraulics, jacks, slides, roof, vents and much more!

We are an authorized service provided for all the major RV product manufacturers including …

We work with RV Manufacturers to address warranty issues with new RV’s, and are also authorized service provider for all Extended Warranty companies to complete your needed repairs.

  • Wolf Pack before
  • Metal roof had water leaks around several of the opening.
  • All wiring for coach had been run under the metal roof.
  • Repaired damaged wood decking, and applied insulation.
  • Installed new decking
  • Installed rubber membrane and all new fixtures on roof to complete the job.
  • Repairs in the Kitchen area.
  • There had been water damage the area.  Additionally, the floor was swollen up by 3”
  • Discovered the frame had been pushed up by the water tank below the floor.  The damaged frame was cut out and a new frame installed.
  • New flooring installed.
  • Refinished all wood and replaced all hardware
  • Refinished all wood and replaced all hardware
  • Wood flooring in driver’s area replaced.
  •  Driver's area
  • Replaced carpet with vinyl flooring, Reupholstered furniture
  • Booth extended out into the aisle.  Cut the booth down by 10” which will accommodate 2 people and give additional floor space needed.
  • All windows had evidence of water damage.  Removed all windows, applied limo tint, sealed and reinstalled.
Exterior was cleaned and buffed, and all plastic trim pieces replaced.
  • Wolf Pack after
  • The complete restoration. Let us help you revitalize your RV.  Call Double T RV Service to start the process.

We stand behind our work with a 90 day labor guarantee.

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